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The K-50 telephone repair truck was used by the U.S. Army Signal Corps during, and after World War II, for the repair and installation of phone lines.

K-50 telephone repair truck
Type telephone repair
Place of origin  United States
Weight gross 4,150 Lbs.
Length 192-inches
Width 71-inches
Height 75-inches
Crew 2

Armor none
Engine GMC 6-cylinder 216 cid
85.5 hp
Suspension wheels, 4X2
Speed 60 MPH


The Signal Corps, at the beginning of World War II needed a light telephone repair truck, and contracted with both Chevrolet, and Dodge for a truck chassis to mount a standard American Telephone & Telegraph tool box bed. the original bed was styled after the Streamline Moderne motif of the 1930s. The second style bed, the K-50B, was a more Utilitairian square box, that mounted the ladder on the top rather than on the side. It was often used in conjunction with the K-38 trailer. all were eventually replaced by the Dodge M37 series V-41 truck


  • Chevy 1/2-ton, 4X2, (1941)
  • Dodge 1/2-ton, 4X4, (1941) box by Highway trailer Co.
    • WC-39, T112, 1 built
    • WC-43, T215, 370 built
    • WC-50, T112, 1 built
  • Dodge 3/4-ton 4X4
    • WC-59 T214, 549 built
    • WC-61 T214, 58 built (K-50-B) box by American Coach and Body Co.
WC-59, 3/4-ton K-50 telephone truck with ladder on side.
Dodge K-50-B telephone truck with ladder on top.

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