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K-Rock is a common radio brand, generally carried by radio stations airing a modern rock format. CBS Radio has owned the K-Rock brand in the United States since 1986.[1] Then known as Infinity Broadcasting, CBS acquired the K-Rock brand after purchasing noted Los Angeles rock station KROQ-FM, its callsign the origin of the "K-Rock" name. In Canada, the K-Rock trademark is held by Rogers Media, owner of CIKR-FM ("K-Rock 105.7") in Kingston, Ontario. Most other K-Rock stations in Canada are owned by Newcap Broadcasting.[2]

Callsign Branding Frequency Location Owner Years active
KROQ-FM 106.7 KROQ 106.7 FM Los Angeles, California CBS Radio 1973–present
WXRK 92.3 K-Rock 92.3 FM New York, New York CBS Radio 1985–2005, 2007–09
WKRK-FM 97.1 K-Rock 97.1 FM Detroit, Michigan CBS Radio 1997–99
WKRK-FM 92.3 K-Rock 92.3 FM Cleveland, Ohio CBS Radio 2006–08
WRKZ 93.7 K-Rock 93.7 FM Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania CBS Radio 2004–07
WKLL 94.9 K-Rock 94.9 FM Utica, New York Galaxy Communications
WKRL 100.9 K-Rock 100.9 FM Syracuse, New York Galaxy Communications
WKRH 106.5 K-Rock 106.5 FM Oswego-Auburn, New York Galaxy Communications
WRXK-FM 96 K-Rock 96.1 FM Fort Myers, Florida Beasley Broadcast Group
WKKN K-Rock 101.9 101.9 FM Keene, New Hampshire Great Eastern Radio 2008–12
KORL-HD2 K-Rock 101.5 101.5 FM Honolulu, Hawaii HHawaii Media
KRKH K-Rock 97.3 101.9 FM Maui, Hawaii HHawaii Media
KMKF 101.5 K-Rock 101.5 FM Manhattan, Kansas Manhattan Broadcasting Company
Callsign Name Frequency Location Owner Years active
CIKR-FM K-Rock 105.7 105.7 FM Kingston, Ontario Rogers Radio 2008–present
CIRK-FM K-Rock 97.3 97.3 FM Edmonton, Alberta Newcap Broadcasting 1997–2008
CHFT-FM 100.5 K-Rock 100.5 FM Fort McMurray, Alberta Newcap Broadcasting 2008–2013
CJXK-FM 95.3 K-Rock 95.3 FM Cold Lake, Alberta Newcap Broadcasting 2004–2017
CKKY-FM K-Rock 101.9 101.9 FM Wainwright, Alberta Newcap Broadcasting 2013–2017
CKQK-FM K-Rock 105.5 105.5 FM Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island Newcap Broadcasting 2006–2012
CIJK-FM K-Rock 89.3 89.3 FM Kentville, Nova Scotia Newcap Broadcasting 2008–present
VOCM-FM 97.5 K-Rock 97.5 FM St. John's, Newfoundland Newcap Broadcasting 1982–present
CKXD-FM 98.7 K-ROCK 98.7 FM Gander, Newfoundland Newcap Broadcasting Early 2000s–present
CKXG-FM 102.3 K-ROCK 102.3 FM Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland Newcap Broadcasting Early 2000s–present
CKXX-FM 103.9 K-Rock 103.9 FM Corner Brook, Newfoundland Newcap Broadcasting Early 2000s–present
CHNK-FM K-Rock 100.7 100.7 FM Winnipeg, Manitoba Newcap Broadcasting 2010–2011
Callsign Name Frequency Location Owner Years active
3CAT-FM 95.5 K-Rock 95.5 FM Geelong, Victoria Grant Broadcasters

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