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This article is about the musician. For calibrated mastering, see K-system. For automorphism, see Kolmogorov system.

K-System is a side project by Finnish DJ and producer, Kimmo Kauppinen. K-System was started in 1999.


The first single released by K-System was released in July 1999, and was called "Come to Me". The song was an immediate success, and stayed on the Finnish Dance Charts for eight weeks.

Date of Release Title Finnish Dance Charts Released Other charts
July 1999 "Come to Me" #8 Finland No other charts
2000 "Set U Free" #8 Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Australia Scandinavian, Norwegian and Swedish Dance Charts
2000 "U Gotta Love" Finland
2001 "Rok the Discotheque" Finland
2001 "SupaDupaSound" #3 Finland, Southern Europe Sales Chart No. 8
August – September 2003 "Sound of Arena" #3 Scandinavia Local Finnish Dance Charts #1; Top 30 Scandinavian Dance Charts
2003 "Dream My Dream" Finland Finnish Sales Charts No. 11
2004 "Guardian Angel" Finland Sales Charts No. 4

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