KK Dubrava

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KK Dubrava
Leagues A-2 Liga
Founded 1926
History 1993-2000 Benston Zagreb
2000-2001 KK Dona
2001-present KK Dubrava
Arena Dubrava Sports Hall
Arena Capacity 2,000
Location Dubrava, Zagreb, Croatia
Head coach Jakša Vulić

KK Dubrava is a Croatian professional basketball club from Dubrava, Zagreb. [1]

The club was founded on April 22, 1976.[1] It advanced into the first Croatian basketball league between 1986 and 1989, which was at the time a second-tier league under the Yugoslav Basketball League.[1] In 1993 they advanced to the A-1 Liga, the first-tier league of the Republic of Croatia, under the name Benston, when their primary sponsor was the tobacco factory Tvornica Duhana Zagreb.[1] In 1996, they entered a European competition for the first time.[1]

At the start of the 2000/2001 season, they changed their name to KK Dona, again for sponsorship reasons.[1]

In the 2005/2006 season they were relegated from the A-1 to the A-2 Liga, but returned the following season.[1]

Notable players[edit]


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