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KMB Jazz is one half of Kordova Milk Bar Records and was founded by Eric Devin in 2006 to sell music in the free jazz genre (sometimes called improvised jazz or avant-garde).[1] Based in Eugene, Oregon, the label came about when Devin heard the work of the New York City collective Eye Contact (Matt Lavelle, Matthew Heyner, Ryan Sawyer).


  • KMB006 Eye Contact – War Rug November 2006
  • KMB007 Ras Moshe Quartet – Transcendence March 2007
  • KMB010 Joe MorrisAtmosphere April 2009
  • KMB012 Matt LavelleCuica in the Third House June 2007
  • KMB013 William Hooker/Sabir MateenDharma June 2007
  • KMB014 Evil Eye – Doin' It All for My Baby June 2007
  • KMB015 Ideal Bread – The Ideal Bread December 2007[1]
  • KMB016 Trio Caveat – Compliments of the Season December 2007[1]
  • KMB018 Matt Lavelle's Morcilla – The Manifestation March 2009

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