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The Kachhi Canal Project is located in Punjab, Pakistan. It is a 500 km long Canal currently being under construction out of which 300 km is in Punjab and 200 km is in Balochistan. It starts from Taunsa Barrage at Indus River. The canal, after its completion, will provide sustainable irrigation water supply to 7,13,000 acres of agricultural land thus bringing green revolution in Balochistan. Cost of the project, after its revision is now Rs.80.5 billion.[1]


The canal starts from Taunsa Barrage at river Indus. It passes through the districts of D.G. Khan & Rajanpur in Punjab and Dera Bugti, Naseerabad, Bolan and Jhal Magsi in Balochistan.


The project was inaugurated in October 2002 at Tausa Barrage. Completion of Project is scheduled in 3 phases [2]

  • Phase-I - in district Dera Bugti (will irrigate 102,000 acres)
  • Phase-II - in district Bolan & Naseerabad (will irrigate 267,000 acres)
  • Phase-III - in district Bolan, Naseerabad and Jhal Magsi(will irrigate 344,000 acres)

Several revised deadlines for completion of the project have been given in past but the project is not yet completed and work is ongoing in slow pace.

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