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For the video game character, see Ape Escape.
Genre Mystery
Written by Kenjiro Takeshita
Published by Shogakukan
Fox Shuppan (Reprint)
Magazine Weekly Young Sunday
Original run 19972000
Volumes 13
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Kakeru (カケル?) is a manga created by Kenjiro Takeshita and serialized in Weekly Young Sunday. Kakeru, the title character, possesses supernatural powers as a result of a near death experience and consequently must use them to protect those close to him.


Kakeru has the unforgettable memory of a time where he nearly drowned to death. As a result of this incident, he gains the supernatural ability to access the "Void Record" when his emotions begin to run high.

Accessing the "Void Record" allows Kakeru to increase the perceptions of his five senses and also physically manifest substances from his imagination. For example, he can physically change his clothes by simply thinking of it.

However, a mysterious organization has made it their goal to capture Kakeru to manipulate his abilities. Kakeru must not only fight against this organization, but also protect those precious to him.


Kakeru : The protagonist, a young man. After almost drowning to death as a child, Kakeru gained the ability to increase the perception of his senses and manifest his thoughts into reality. He is being sought out by a mysterious organization for his powers.

Aoi : Kakeru's girlfriend, she is a member of the track team at school, where she met Kakeru. She is kind and caring and watches over Kakeru.

Satoru : Kakeru's older brother. Satoru wants Kakeru to use his abilities to help Satoru's girlfriend, who has lost the ability to walk. He has developed a drug called "D", which imitates Kakeru's abilities by increasing the sensory perception of those who consume it.