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Kalashnik (Ukrainian: Калашник) is a Ukrainian occupational surname, meaning "maker of kalaches". A man who made kalaches was called a калачник (kalachnik), which sometimes by sandhi effect became калашник (kalashnik), and such a man's descendants thus got the surname Калачник (Kalachnik) or Калашник (Kalashnik). In Russian language the Ukrainian variant morphed into Калашников (Kalashnikov) (with the suffix -ов meaning "belonging to", "son of"). Its English-spelling derivations could include Kalashnik, Kalachnik, Kalashnyk, Kalachnyk, Kalačnik, Kalašnik, Kalasnik or Kolashnik, Kolachnik, Kolashnyk, Kolachnyk, Kolačnik, Kolašnik, Kolasnik. There are close to 12,000 people in Ukraine with the last name of Kalashnik.[1]

It may refer to the following individuals:

There are also several villages in Ukraine that derive from this surname: