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Kalle Spjuth (born May 27, 1984) is a Swedish Bandy player who currently plays for IK Sirius as a forward. Kalle has yet to play for Sweden's national team but is now on the verge of being called up. Kalle is the younger brother of Slottsbrons IF player Per Spjuth and IK Tellus player Ola Spjuth.

Kalle signed for Russian team Uralsky Trubnik after 2007. After Uralskys financial problems in winter of 2008, he together with teamfellows Robin Sundin and Jesper Ericsson, returned to their former club Hammarby. He will stay in Hammarby and fight for the gold medal in 2009-2010 as well. He was mostly injured during the 2010 campaign when Hammarby got their first gold medal ever. He then signed for IK Sirius from the city of Uppsala.


Kalle has played for three different clubs. His list of clubs are as follows-

Oxelösunds IK (1999-2002)
Hammarby IF Bandy (2002-2007)
Uralsky Trubnik (2007-2008)
Hammarby IF Bandy (2008-2010)
IK Sirius (2010-)

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