Kalungu (Democratic Republic of the Congo)

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[1]Kalungu is a town in the North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


  1. ^ Kalungu also is located on Goma -Bukavu highway .This gives kalungu to be an important town in kalehe province /south kivu province /Rdcongo.on another hand it is a pure business center connecting to a rich mineral area Numbi in the kalehe plateaux and mountains,By Elvis Nyangezi
  2. ^ Kalungu is a business center and important town of the kalehe territory in south kivu province in the eastern drcongo,Is populated by Bahavu tribe followed by batembo

BUHAVU KINGDOM, is located between Goma and Bukavu covering the territories of Kalehe and Idjwi,The major tribe is BAHAVU, they are Bantu ,their activities are ,agriculture, fishing and rearing ,

In 1905 the kingdom received immigrants from Rwanda Hutu and Tutsi ,these went to the king in kalehe ihusi to ask refuge as the king had enough land non developed in mountainous area to words west ,he sent them there to settle and cultivate for living in NUMBI,BUSESEMANA,LUCHIGA,KAHANGA, They become subjects too, BUHAVU KINGDOM is dived into 1.Buzi 2.MBINGA (NORTH MBINGA and SOUTH MBINGA) 3.BUNYAKIRI 4.IDJWI 5.KALONGE. During the king HAMULI NTALE KAMIROGOSA FOUR,Buhavu was famous and was a home welcoming more than 45 million of Rwandan refugees in 1994 genocide,Buhavu accommodated them in different refuge settlement like KABIRA in MABULA,TCHOFI,KIBIMBI in Ruhunde Nyamasasa,Kalungu,minova,buzi,nyakalende,numbi,nyabibwe,and around nyachibingu and the entire IDJWI Island was full of them, In 1996 Idjwi declared its own independent kingdom from kalehe he headquarters of all Buhavu,the facts were travelling using boat when subjects want to reach the king from Idjwi island to kalehe,the brother of Ntale in ijwi became king there under NTALE, Main towns and centers of BUHAVU KINGDOM. Minova Kalungu NUMBI(mineral centre) Mubimbi(port on lake Kivu) Mpumbi Nyamasasa Ruhunde(mihumba a port on lake Kivu) Karango S