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Kaluvanchikudy is located in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 7°31′3″N 81°47′13″E / 7.51750°N 81.78694°E / 7.51750; 81.78694
Country Sri Lanka
Province Eastern
District Batticaloa
DS Division Manmunai South & Eruvil Pattu Divisional Secretariat

Kaluwanchikudy (களுவாஞ்சிக்குடி, Kalu-wanchi-kudy) is a Town in the Batticaloa District of Sri Lanka, it is located about 30 km Southeast of Batticaloa. It is in the coastal region. Kaluwanchikudy beach is a nice picnic spot to visit. Now the town is developing very fast. There is a big lake in Kaluwanchikudy and other side of the lake there is a river.


The Divisional Secretariat Division to situated 25 km away from the south direction in the Batticaloa Town. The extent of the MS& EP division is 52 square kilometers containing 45 Grama Seva divisions.

The division MS& EP is bounded on the north by the Divisional secretariat division Manmunai pattu, On the south by the Divisional Secretariat Tamil Division Kalmunai, On the east by Bay of Bengal and on the west by Batticaloa Lagoon and the population residing within these limits are amounting 63,108 in 17,784 families and they have found their main occupations as farming and fishing to win their daily life.

The proceeds of the people residing in 30 Grama Seva divisions badly affected due to the tsunami tidal waves that occurred in 2004. Since the most of peoples are residing in the lateral area not only their occupations but also their dwelling and other buildings were partly and completely damaged and it had been observed that 3,160 houses were partly damaged and 3,150 houses were completely damaged.

The Land area of the MS& EP Division between Batticaloa Lagoon and the

Bay of Bengal remains as sandy soil and clay. The sandy soil is the area where the people maintain their minor crops cultivation and in clay area they cultivate paddy in two seasons in every year.

The strength of the students is 13,405 and they are learning education in 34 schools in this Division. And the reconstruction and development schemes have to be set up in the future to promote the standard of life of the people residing in my division.