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Kalva Srirampur is a mandal in the Karimnagar District of Andhra Pradesh State, India. It is about 47 kilometres (29 mi) from Karimnagar. It serves as a tehsil (headquarters) for the district, and is responsible for around 58 small villages in the surrounding area, all of which are connected by road.


The town is approached by a road that passes through Sultanbad, Kolanoor Railway Station and Pegadapalli tehsil. There are temples such as Sri Sri Sri Veera Bhrahmendra Swami Temple near Pandavula Gutta (Hill of Great Pandavas), Shivalayam, Kalvasrirampur Vasavi Kanyakaparameshwari, the Venkateshwara Temple and a Veda Patashala. A newly constructed bridge connects Kalva Srirampur with the remote village of Peddarathpally some 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) distant. This settlement is surrounded by scenic hills and lakes with panoramic views. The state government has begun construction of an intermediate college,[when?] for local students unable to study in the cities.


The school ZPHS is located in SRIRAMPUR which is in the KARIMNAGAR district of ANDHRA PRADESH state. pincode is 505153. ZPHS, SRIRAMPUR was established in the year 1949 just after independence. The management of ZPHS SRIRAMPUR is a Local Body. ZPHS, SRIRAMPUR is a U. Prim. + Sec/H.Sec school. The status of ZPHS SRIRAMPUR is Co-Educational. There is no residential facility in ZPHS SRIRAMPUR. This school is the main source of education for all the villages in the mandal. It produced number of quality and brilliant students who are now in great positions throughout its history. There was huge play ground just behind the school where the students can play various games, mostly cricket. But currently couple of govt building have been constructed in the ground which reduced the overall area of the ground. There were many cricket tournaments happening in the past since it is the only ground in the entire village. On the other side, quality of the education and ethics are getting decreased in the same school in the last 5 years. The people, who are the alumni of this school, are really sad about the current situation of the school. The same school once produced the rankers in competition with corporate schools.

Kalva Srirampur Veda Pathashala[edit]

Vishwakarma Brahmanav Veda Pathashala (Vedic school) is located in Pandavula Gutta, Kalva Srirampur and has been running since 1999. Operating from the premises of Sree. Sree. Jagathmahamuneeswara Swamy Temple, Basavattula Rajamoulyacharya Swami is the guru at the ashram. The vedic school offers a two year course in preaching the Veda Adhyanam while dāna is given at the ashram regardless of creed or caste.

Nature in Kalva Srirampur[edit]

Kalva Srirampur is a tourist attraction. Pandavula Gutta is one of the tourist attractions; it is the 'Mount Everest' of this small town. Everyday a number of people try to climb this hill.A flag is located on top of the hill, it indicates the signs of the great Pandavas. This Pandavula gutta consists of a historical story. The story goes like this: During the time of Mahabaratha, Pandavas spent some time on this hill. In winter season the surroundings of Pandaula gutt look like a mini Ooti. Surroundings of Pandavula gutta occupied with number of trees and full of green grass. Our two eyes are not enough to see this beautiful view. From the top of the Pandavula gutta it is visible to see the surrounding villages. If we see this Pandavula gutta from far place it is look like a "Sphinx in Egypt". "Ramagiri hills" also located At one of the side of this village. These hills are fully covered with green trees. These are the little Himalayas in Kalva srirampur. A streem is called "Hussamia" also passed from a side of this village. We will see a number of types of birds and animals in this village.

Water system[edit]

In this village a good water supply system is there. This village had mainly three ponds such as a big "Nilakantha", "Mallaiahkunta" and Dhavanakunta". This three ponds are very useful to agriculture. Hundreds of acres of crop fields depend upon them. Many no of wells are there in this villages.

Schools and colleges[edit]

Currently, seven school's are in Kalva srirampur those are ZPHS, Kakathiya, Vedhavyasa, Phoenix, Good Shepherd and two UPS schools. There are also two colleges: Government Intermediate College and Vasavi degree college.

Coordinates: 18°27′10″N 79°31′40″E / 18.45278°N 79.52778°E / 18.45278; 79.52778