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Kamais are a Himalayan people who are Aryan in origin. The Kamais resemble the Damais closely in physical features and are found in Sikkim and Kalimpong in India. They are mostly Hindus and their traditional occupations were as smiths, namely goldsmiths and blacksmiths. They are believed to be the designer of Khukuri, the Nepalese traditional weapon. They speak the Nepali language, and are further divided into several sub-castes numbering nearly fifty. Kamis are considered one of the most deprived classes in Nepalese society, which is visibly acute in Nepal. They richly contribute to the Nepalese culture mainly in music and folk dance. They are employed in the tea factories, automobile workshops and defence engineering. Yamloos traditional dress is the Daura Surai. Kamais are a sub-group of the Nepali or Gorkhas.