Kambove mines

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Kambove mines
Kambove mines is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kambove mines
Kambove mines
Province Katanga Province
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Coordinates 10°48′46″S 26°35′09″E / 10.812868°S 26.585745°E / -10.812868; 26.585745Coordinates: 10°48′46″S 26°35′09″E / 10.812868°S 26.585745°E / -10.812868; 26.585745
Products Copper
Company Gécamines
Website www.gecamines.cd
Kambove Geologic Column

The Kambove mines are a group of active or abandoned copper mines near Kambove in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Inactive mines in the region include Kabolela Mine, Kakanda deposit, Kambove Principal Mine and M'sesa Mine.[1] Gécamines, a state-owned mining company, owns the Kamoya central, Kamoya south, Shangolowe and Kamfundwa mines.[2] Other mines are Kambove West Mine and the "secret" Kamoya South II Mine.[1]

In January 2001 the Kababancola Mining Company (KMC) was established as a copper and cobalt mining partnership for a 25-year term.[3] Tremalt, controlled by John Bredenkamp, held 80% of KMC while Gecamines held 20%.[4] KMC gained the rights to mines, facilities and concentrators at Kambove and Kakanda. KMC made relatively low investment in these properties, continuing to operate the already-functioning Kamoya Mine but not opening the others.[3] In March 2002 the DRC authorities took back control of the Kambove concentrator from Tremalt following a complaint by the manager of KMC against Gecamines at the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes.[5]

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