Kamenny Island Theatre

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Kammeny Island Theatre

The Kamenny Island Theatre (Russian: Каменноостровский театр, Kamennoostrovsky teatr) is a wooden summer theatre on the grounds of the Kamennoostrovsky Palace, Kamenny Island, Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Before the Theatre[edit]

Two operas of a famous Neapolitan composer Giovanni Paisiello (1740 – 1816), were premiered at Kamenny Ostrov (before this theatre was built):

  • Il matrimonio inaspettato (La contadina di spirito, 1779 Kamenny Ostrov)
  • Il mondo della luna (1782 Kamenny Ostrov).

The 1826 Building[edit]

The theatre was built in 1826 to a design by Smaragd Shustov in 40 days. It was intended that building would be reliable for at least seven years, however 180 years later it is still in a fine condition.


Coordinates: 59°58′35″N 30°16′29″E / 59.976404°N 30.274673°E / 59.976404; 30.274673