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Kami is the being of worship in the Japanese (Shintō) tradition, and also Kami-sama in Japanese Christian texts.

Kami may also refer to:

  • Kami (official) (Japanese: 守), (n) the highest rank of Kokushi officials
  • kami (Japanese "paper") (n) Origami paper, a type of paper often used for origami
  • kami (Japanese 紙) (n) paper
  • kami (Japanese 神) (n) god; deity; divinity; spirit; kami
  • kami (Japanese 髪) (n) hair (on the head)




Film, TV[edit]



  • KAMI (AM), a radio station (1580 AM) licensed to Cozad, Nebraska, United States
  • KAMI (Indonesia), Kesatuan Aksi Mahasiswa Indonesia ("Indonesian Students Action Forum") (an Indonesian anti-communist group formed on 27 October 1965)

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