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Birth nameAdolphe Bagabo
GenresAfrobeats, R&B
Years active2009–present

Kamichi, born Adolphe Bagabo, is a Rwandan Afrobeats and R&B artist.[1] He is distinguished by his unique and hoarse vocal delivery.[2]

As a child, Bagabo sang in local choirs. The 2009 release of the single "Zoubeda" brought him national popularity and won him a Salax Award in 2010 in the category of "Best Song of the Year".[1] The same year he also won a Salax Award in the category of "Best Afrobeat Artist".[2] He released his second album, Ubumuntu, in 2012.[1] He has collaborated with many Rwandan artists.[2]

As of August 2013, Bagabo is completing studies in Journalism and Communications at the Catholic University of Kabgayi. He also works as a journalist for Voice of America in Rwanda.[1]


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