Kamilla and the Thief

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Kamilla and the Thief (English version) Kamilla og Tyven (Norwegian version)
Kamilla and the Thief Norwegian DVD cover
Directed by Grete Salomonsen
Produced by Odd Hynnekleiv
Written by Grete Salomonsen
Kari Vinje (novel)
Starring Veronika Flåt
Dennis Storhøi
Agnete Haaland
Morten Harket
Music by Ragnar Bjerkreim
Cinematography Odd Hynnekleiv
Edited by Grete Salomonsen (as Grete S. Hynnekleiv)
Release date
  • March 24, 1988 (1988-03-24)
Running time
106 min
Country Norway
Language Norwegian and English

Kamilla and the Thief (Kamilla og Tyven) is a Norwegian family movie from 1988 directed by Grete Salomonsen and produced by her husband Odd Hynnekleiv. The movie is an adaption from a Norwegian children's novel by Kari Vinje, and is the first feature film of renowned Norwegian actor Dennis Storhøi and also star1980s pop idol Morten Harket in a minor role. Kamilla and the Thief was a huge success in Norway, selling half a million tickets (in a country of about 4 million people). It was so popular that a sequel was made, Kamilla and the Thief II, which was released the year after. In 2005 both movies were digitally restored and released on DVD.


Veronica Flaat and Morten Harket

Veronika Flåt ... Kamilla

Dennis Storhøi ... Sebastian

Agnete Haaland ... Sofie

Morten Harket ... Christoffer


Kamilla and the Thief was the first feature film to be produced in Kristiansand, and was financed privately, in a time when it was common (and still is) for Norwegian films to receive support from the government to get produced. Producer Odd Hynnekleiv used three years to find investors to the project. After the film's success it took only three weeks to secure investors for the sequel, Kamilla and the Thief II.

Hynnkleiv and his wife, director Grete Salomonsen produced the film with their own company, Penelope Film. The crew were mixed with local talent and international craftsmen.

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