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Key people
Dani Golan, Founder and CEO
ProductsAll solid-state SAN storage

Kaminario is a Needham, Massachusetts-based computer data storage company[1] founded in 2008. Kaminario manufactures the Kaminario K2 line of solid state storage area network products that use flash memory.[2][3] The company has offices in Boston, Israel, New York City and Silicon Valley.


Dani Golan founded Kaminario in 2008 and became its CEO. Golan had an engineering degree from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and worked at EMC Corporation and Perfomix (acquired by NICE Systems in 2006).[4]

The company's first venture capital funding round was announced in May 2011 with $15 million investment from Globespan Capital Partners, Sequoia Capital and Pitango Venture Capital.[2][5] Kaminario received $25 million in series D funding in June 2012 from Tenaya Capital and existing investors. In December 2014 and January 2015, the company announced $68 million in a series E round from Lazarus Hedge Fund, Silicon Valley Bank, Mitsui & Co. Global Investment and existing investors.[6][7][8]

In November 2011, Kaminario was named as a finalist for a UK marketing award.[9] Kaminario was a finalist for another 2011 marketing award by TechTarget.[10]

In July 2012, the company announced audited SPC-1 benchmark results through the Storage Performance Council.[11] Kaminario broke the Storage Performance Council SPC-1 record for sustained storage performance in October 2013 for the second year in a row, with its K2 v4 array.[12] In November 2013, Kaminario broke the Storage Performance Council’s SPC-2 record for throughput and SPC-2 price performance.[13]

In August 2014, Kaminario’s v5 K2 all-flash array got an award at a trade show.[14]


Kaminario’s first commercial release of its K2 product line was in June 2010. It was a solid-state drive (SSD) storage array for a storage area network (SAN) that provided millions of IOPS for database applications.[3][15][16]

In April 2013, Kaminario announced K2 v4 with more features. The K2 v4 all-flash array included snapshots, non-disruptive upgrades, support for VMware's VAAI interface and choice of iSCSI and Fibre Channel connections.[17][18]

In May 2014, Kaminario introduced the fifth generation of its K2 product.[19] The K2 v5 added the ability to increase an individual node’s flash storage capacity with the addition of extra SSDs.[20] K2 v5’s features included data deduplication and data compression, encryption, non-disruptive upgrades, graphical user interface management, snapshots, thin provisioning and resiliency. K2 v5 supported workloads in the server virtualization, desktop virtualization and database (online transaction processing, real-time analytics) environments.

Some of Kaminario’s customers include Clearwater Analytics, Taboola, PetMeds and Intigua. The company also has clients in financial services, digital media, telecommunications and government. In February 2015, Kaminario announced a channel partner program.[21][22]


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