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Amphoe location in Surat Thani Province
Amphoe location in Surat Thani Province
Coordinates: 9°09′56″N 99°28′16″E / 9.16556°N 99.47111°E / 9.16556; 99.47111Coordinates: 9°09′56″N 99°28′16″E / 9.16556°N 99.47111°E / 9.16556; 99.47111
Country  Thailand
Province Surat Thani
Seat Ka Dae
 • Total 879.0 km2 (339.4 sq mi)
Population (2008)
 • Total 98,432
 • Density 109.8/km2 (284/sq mi)
Time zone ICT (UTC+7)
Postal code 84160
Geocode 8402

Kanchanadit (Thai: กาญจนดิษฐ์) is a district (amphoe) in Surat Thani Province, south Thailand.


Originally the town was named Thathong (ท่าทอง) and was on the shore of Khlong Thathong Mai (named Khlong Tha Phechon at that time). During the reign of King Nangklao (Rama III) the town was moved because its location was malaria-infested, and renamed to Kanchanadit. It was a provincial town (mueang) under the control of Nakhon Si Thammarat. During the reign of Rama IV it was put under the supervision of Bangkok directly. In 1899 the province was merged with Chaiya and was thus reduced to amphoe status.


The district is in the eastern part of the province. It stretches from the coast to Bandon Bay of the Gulf of Thailand in the north, the low river valley of the Tapi River to the west, and the Nakhon Si Thammarat mountain range in the south and west. Tai Rom Yen National Park was created on 31 December 1991, protecting the forested hills of that mountain range. The main river in the district is the Thathong River, which empties into the Tapi estuary.

Neighboring districts are (from the east clockwise) Don Sak, Sichon, and Nopphitam of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Ban Na San and Mueang Surat Thani.

The main road through the district is Thailand Route 401, which connects Kanchanadit with the town of Surat Thani. Thailand Route 44 begins at Route 401 and runs to the southwest as part of a land bridge across the Malay Peninsula.


Kanchanadit district office
Wat Pha Na Tuayang

The Kanchanadit District is subdivided into 13 subdistricts (tambon), which are further subdivided into 117 villages (muban). There are three subdistrict municipalities (thesaban tambon). Kanchanadit covers the whole tambon Ka Dae, Tha Thong Mai covers parts of the tambon Tha Thong Mai, and Chang Sai the whole tambon Chang Sai. There are also 11 tambon administrative organizations (TAO), for each tambon except Ka Dae and Chang Sai which are administrated by the thesaban tambon.

No. Name Thai Villages Inh.[1]
01. Tha Thong Mai ท่าทองใหม่ 05 10,249
02. Tha Thong ท่าทอง 09 05,557
03. Kadae กะแดะ 09 09,462
04. Thung Kong ทุ่งกง 05 04,819
05. Krut กรูด 10 09,105
06. Chang Sai ช้างซ้าย 12 10,135
07. Phlai Wat พลายวาส 09 06,521
08. Pa Ron ป่าร่อน 09 06,990
09. Takian Thong ตะเคียนทอง 07 06,329
10. Chang Khwa ช้างขวา 14 09,690
11. Tha U-thae ท่าอุแท 13 09,977
12. Thung Rang ทุ่งรัง 05 03,894
13. Khlong Sa คลองสระ 10 05,704


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