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Kannonkoski rapids
Location Kannonkoski
Coordinates 62°54′N 25°15′E / 62.900°N 25.250°E / 62.900; 25.250Coordinates: 62°54′N 25°15′E / 62.900°N 25.250°E / 62.900; 25.250
Type Lake
Primary inflows Pajusalmi
Primary outflows Kannonkoski rapids
Catchment area Kymijoki
Basin countries Finland
Surface area 11.236 km2 (4.338 sq mi)
Average depth 4.74 m (15.6 ft)
Max. depth 19.44 m (63.8 ft)
Water volume 0.0538 km3 (43,600 acre·ft)
Shore length1 49.41 km (30.70 mi)
Surface elevation 140.7 m (462 ft)
Frozen December–April
Islands Räihänsaari
References [1]
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Kannonselkä (also called Kannonjärvi) is a medium-sized lake of Central Finland in the Kymijoki main catchment area. It is in the area of Kannonkoski municipality.[1] The lake is in quite natural condition and there are good possibilities for fishing.[2] There are several archaeological settlement places in Otaniemi on the lake shore.[3]


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