Kara Ada (Bodrum)

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Coordinates: 36°58′26″N 27°27′45″E / 36.97389°N 27.46250°E / 36.97389; 27.46250

The island seen from West

Kara Ada, (literally "Black island" in Turkish), is a small Turkish island at the entrance of the harbor of Bodrum in the Aegean Sea.[1] It is a popular tourist destination, particularly for yachting.


In the Middle Ages the island, which the Greeks know under the name of Arkos,[1] was taken over by the Knights of St. John Hospitaller, who also occupied Bodrum.[2] It was conquered by the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. In 1919 it was occupied by the Italians together with Bodrum.[2] The 1932 Convention between Italy and Turkey assigned it to Turkey.[3]


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