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This is a disambiguation page of the classical Arabic pronunciation Karamah and Al Karamah. For the colloquial pronunciation, see Karameh (disambiguation)

Karamah or Karama (Arabic: كرامة‎) means dignity or honour in Arabic. It can also appear with the definite article Al-, as Al-Karamah or Al-Karama (Arabic: الكرامة‎)


Pronounced as Karameh


  • Battle of Karameh, a 15-hour military engagement between the Israeli Army, PLO and the Jordanian Army in the Jordanian town of Karameh on 21 March 1968, during the War of Attrition

Politics and activism[edit]

  • Alkarama, a Swiss non-governmental organisation advocating human rights in the Arab world
  • Dignity Party (Egypt), Ḥizb al-Karāma in Arabic, an Egyptian left-wing Nasserist political party founded in 1996



  • Karamat, miracles performed by Islamic saints

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