Karavan lyubvi

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Karavan lyubvi
Directed by Sofia Rotaru
Produced by Sofia Rotaru
Starring Sofia Rotaru
Music by V. Matetskiy
Distributed by Soviet Central Television
Release date
  • 1 January 1991 (1991-01-01)
Running time
33 minutes
Country Soviet Union
Language Ukrainian

Karavan lyubvi is a musical television film starring Sofia Rotaru.


The foundation ideas for the film appeared after Sofia Rotaru performed the song "Karavan lyubvi". The song was later (in 1993) included in the album with the same name: Caravan of Love. The musical film became a fruit of joint production of the Main Edition of Musical Programmes of the Central Television and of the theatre studio Club in 1991.

Performed songs[edit]

Sofia Rotaru performed the following songs:

  1. Karavan lyubvi
  2. I'm Missing You a Lot
  3. Snowflake
  4. Such a Story
  5. Touch Me
  6. When the Separation is Closer
  7. Tea Roses in the Compartment
  8. Echo
  • Composer: V. Matestskiy
  • Lyrics: M. Shabrov, G. Pozhenyan

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