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Karen Harper
GenreHistorical fiction
British monarchy
Notable awardsThe New York Times Best Seller list
USA Today bestseller list
2005 Mary Higgins Clark award

Karen Harper (born April 6, 1945)[1] is an historical fiction and contemporary fiction author. She is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author[citation needed].

Personal life[edit]

Harper was born in Toledo, Ohio, and obtained her bachelor's degree from Ohio University in Athens, and her graduate degree from Ohio State University in Columbus.[2] She met her husband Don in Columbus, and has lived there for thirty-five years, though they spend some time in Naples, Florida (as she considers that state her "second home").[2][3]

Harper previously taught English at Ohio State University and Westerville North High School.

Writing career[edit]

Harper published Sweet Passion's Pain in 1984, and it was later published as The First Princess of Wales in 2006 by Three Rivers Press. It tells the tale of Joan of Kent and her future husband Edward, the Black Prince. Harper remarked in an author's note that the novel reminded her of the love affair between Charles, Prince of Wales, and Camilla Parker Bowles, as both shared a "less than enthusiastic endorsement" from senior royal figures.[4] Harper has stated that the Tudor era is her favorite setting for her novels, and medieval England is a close second.

Harper has been praised for her historically accurate attention to detail. She states this is because she has built up a large Tudor library over the past thirty years, has undergone frequent trips to the British Isles, has full access to the large Ohio State University library, and has interviewed many people familiar with her chosen historical topics.[5]

Karen Harper has become an acclaimed author as a New York Times and USA today best seller.

List of works[edit]

The Maplecreek series[edit]

  1. Dark Road Home (1996)
  2. Dark Harvest (2004)
  3. Dark Angel (2007)

The Home Valley series[edit]

  1. Fall From Pride (2011)
  2. Return to Grace (2012)
  3. Finding Mercy (November 2012)
  4. Upon a Winter's Night (2013)

Cold Creek series[edit]

  1. Shattered Secrets (2014)
  2. Forbidden Ground (2014)
  3. Broken Bonds (2014)

The Queen Elisabeth I series[edit]

  1. The Poyson Garden (1999)
  2. The Tidal Poole (2000)
  3. The Twylight Tower (2001)
  4. The Queene's Cure (2002)
  5. The Thorne Maze (2003)
  6. The Queen's Christmas (2003)
  7. The Fyre Mirror (2005)
  8. The Fatal Fashione (2005)
  9. The Hooded Hawke (2007)

Standalone novels[edit]

  • Down to the Bone (2000)
  • The Baby Farm (1999)
  • Shaker Run (2001)
  • The Stone Forest (2002)
  • The Falls (2003)
  • Inferno (2007)
  • Hurricane (2006)
  • Below The Surface (2008)
  • The Hiding Place (2008)
  • Deep Down (2009)
  • Down River (2010)
  • The Last Boleyn (2006)
  • The First Princess of Wales (originally published as Sweet Passion's Pain in 1984) (2006)
  • Mistress Shakespeare (2009)
  • The Queen's Governess (2009)
  • The Irish Princess (2011)
  • Mistress of Mourning (2012)
  • The Royal Nanny (2016)
  • The It Girls (2017)
  • Silent Scream (2018)
  • American Duchess (2019)


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