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Karen Press (born 1956) is a South African poet.

She was born in Cape Town, and currently lives in Sea Point. She is a full-time writer and editor, having published eight collections of poetry, a film script, short stories, as well as educational material and textbooks in the fields of science, mathematics, English and economics.

In 1987 she co-founded the publishing collective Buchu Books.[citation needed]

Antjie Krog has described her poetry as "[presenting] a haunting museum constructed in [...] delicate tone and vivid poetic intelligence."[citation needed]


  • Emergency Declarations (found poems, co-produced with Ingrid de Kok, 1985)
  • This Winter Coming (Cinnamon Crocodile, 1986)
  • Bird Heart Stoning the Sea (Buchu Books, 1990)
  • History is the dispossession of the heart (Cinnamon Crocodile, 1992)
  • The Coffee Shop Poems (Snailpress, 1993)
  • Echo Location - a guide to Sea Point for residents and visitors (Gecko Books, 1998)
  • Home (Carcanet, 2000)
  • The Little Museum of Working Life (Deep South, 2004)



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