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For the Canadian chemist, see Karl Clark (chemist).

Osby Karl Clark, or Karl Clark (born October 16, 1957) is an American police officer from North Carolina, and a former police chief, best known for his service on international assignments with the International Police. Best remembered as a member of the 'UNTAET Crime Scene Detachment' (ca 1999) in East Timor, during which time he took part in the exhumation of several hundred victims of homicide. It was Clark that instigated the first large scale exhumations after the 1999 UN intervention in East Timor, many of which were dependent on intelligence information collected by another American police officer, Allen Williams. Clark later served in a major role for the United Nations unit investigating human rights violations in East Timor. Major cases included the Liquiçá Church Massacre and the massacre at the house of Manuel Carrascalão.

Clark continued to serve in East Timor, playing a large role in future prosecutions of militia members who had committed crimes against humanity, most notably members of the militia groups Besi Merah Putih and Aitarak. Later he would serve with the Serious Crimes Unit, and as a Regional Commander with the International Police, for the region of Liquica, and as late as 2006 with ICITAP, assisting in the training of the newly formed East Timorese Police Force. He has also served in Pakistan with ICITAP.[1]


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