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Karl Lehenbauer (born April 5, 1958) was the founder of NeoSoft in the early 1990s, which was the first Internet Service Provider in the southern United States as well as the first to offer cable modem service in Houston, Texas, among other technological milestones. NeoSoft was later sold to Internet America in 1998. Lehenbauer also wrote the Internet (socket) capabilities of the Tcl programming language.

Lehenbauer has been contributing to the development of Internet software and protocols since 1986. Lehenbauer is the co-creator of the TclX Tcl extension, much of which has now been incorporated into Tcl. Lehenbauer served as the CTO of Superconnect, an enterprise cable/telecom monitoring software company.

Since 2005,[1] Lehenbauer has been CTO of FlightAware, an aviation data and flight tracking company.

Recent software projects[edit]

Lehenbauer founded or is a major contributor to the following Internet software projects:

  • Apache Rivet (Modern fork of NeoWebScript)
  • Pgtcl (Tcl interface to PostgreSQL)
  • LdapTcl (Tcl interface to LDAP)
  • NeoWebScript (Apache module for Tcl scripting in web pages)


Lehenbauer lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and two daughters. He is an avid philanthropist, cyclist, and private pilot.

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