Karlslunds IF

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Karlslunds IF
Karlslunds IF.png
Club logo
Full name Karlslunds idrottsförening
Sport Bandy, baseboal, Bowling
gymnastics, swimming, skiing, soccer, softball
Founded 20 April 1920 (1920-04-20)
Based in Örebro, Sweden
Arena Karlslunds IP
For the Men's football club, see Karlslunds IF HFK. For the Ladies football club, see KIF Örebro DFF.
The club logo

Karlslunds IF is a Swedish sports club with several departments, located in Örebro.

Karlslunds IF runs one of the biggest programme for athletics in Örebro, Sweden, with some 4000 members and more than 200 coaches coaching eight different sports. Currently women's football (known as KIF Örebro DFF) and skiing have the most successful teams.


The club was founded on April 27, 1920 by a group of young athletes living in the Karlslund area in western Örebro. With an original focus on athletics, skiing and football, the club quickly branched into other sports, becoming one of Örebro's most successful sports clubs of the 20th and 21st century.


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