Karobar Economic Daily

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Karobar Economic Daily
Karobar Economic Daily.jpg
Cover page of Karobar Economic Daily newspaper
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) TBi Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Publisher Bhaban Bhatta
Editor Sanjaya Neupane
Language Nepali
Headquarters 492 Madhya Marga, Buddhanagar
Country Nepal
Website www.karobardaily.com

Karobar National Economic Daily (Nepali कारोबार राष्ट्रिय आर्थिक दैनिक) is a Nepali language Daily economic newspaper published in Kathmandu, Nepal. The newspaper began its circulation in December 2009.

Karobar Economic Daily is the first daily newspaper in Nepal that contains economy related news. The newspaper is published in peach newsprint, making it the first in the country.[1] The newspaper is currently published from Kathmandu. The newspaper has a rough circulation of about 50,000 copies every day[citation needed].

This newspaper has special focus on Nepal's stock market, commodity market, trading, financial institutions, industries, chamber movement, agriculture, hydropoer,development and other business aspect. Karobar is a companion of all business people. It is also claimed to be good reference source for decision makers and a good guide to management and commerce students.[2]


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