Karolina Ramqvist

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Karolina Ramqvist
Karolina Ramqvist in 2013
Karolina Ramqvist in 2013
Born (1976-11-08) November 8, 1976 (age 41)
Gothenburg, Sweden
Occupation Journalist
Citizenship Swedish
Notable awards 2015 PO Enquist Literary Prize

Annika "Karolina" Virtanen Ramqvist, (born 8 November 1976 in Gothenburg) is a prominent Swedish journalist and best-selling author.[1]

Ramqvist's novels explore "contemporary issues of sexuality, commercialization, isolation and belonging".[2] The Swedish newspaper Expressen said her fourth novel Den vita staden (published in Swedish in 2015 and later in English translation by Saskia Vogel for Black Cat/Grove Atlantic in 2017[3]) "cemented Karolina Ramqvist's position as one of Sweden's most interesting authors.[4]" Ramqvist wrote the screenplay for the short film Cupcake (2014), which won the Short Grand Prix at the Warsaw Film Festival and Best Film at the Sleepwalkers International Short Film Festival in Tallinn.[5] In 2015 Ramqvist won the PO Enquist Literary Prize,[6] which is "given to a Nordic author who according to the jury has great artistic value and the potential to reach an international audience but has not yet had his or her international break through."

Ramqvist has been the editor-in-chief for the magazine Arena and a columnist at Dagens Nyheter. She became known after she published a private letter from Ulf Lundell in the Swedish feminist anthology Fittstim (1999).[7]

She is married to journalist Fredrik Virtanen.[8]


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