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Kasia Pisarek
Born Warsaw, Poland
Other names Katarina Pisarek; Katarzyna Krzyżagórska-Pisarek

Kasia Pisarek (born Katarzyna Krzyżagórska) is an art expert in London, specializing in Old Masters.


Katarzyna Krzyżagórska was born in Warsaw, Poland. She holds several academic degrees. She was educated at the Sorbonne, Paris, and at the University of Warsaw. At the Sorbonne she was awarded a master's degree in Art History (1984) and she then studied for a Doctorate in Art History at the University of Warsaw. Having submitted a dissertation on Rubens and Connoisseurship: On the problems of attribution and rediscovery in British and American collections (late 19th-20th century) (in English), she was awarded a Ph.D. in Art History (2009). She also completed a course on restoration of The Old Masters' paintings in Paris at the studio of Andre Mielniczek in Paris.


Dr. Pisarek has lived and worked as an art historian and an art expert in North Africa, Paris, Rome, Milan, and the UK. She currently lives in West Sussex with her family. Her particular areas of interest are Rubens,[1] Rembrandt,[2] and J.M.W. Turner.[3]

Dr. Pisarek has 15 years experience in researching Old Masters paintings specifically in the area of attributions. She currently works in London as an independent scholar/art expert and researcher. Her research on Rubens' controversial[4] painting, Samson and Delilah, from the National Gallery of London, and the activities of Ludwig Burchard, the prominent Rubens expert, was published in the Sunday Times, The Times, and other European and American broadsheets.[5]

Dr. Pisarek is the book editor for the London magazine, ArtWatch UK Journal, which monitors and campaigns for better practices in the conservation of art works.

She is also an art critic for the Polish art magazine, Sztuka.pl in Cracow, and Barok in Warsaw. She covers major art exhibitions and has over forty full-length articles published to date as well as two books.


Pisarek speaks fluent English, French, Italian and Polish and some Russian and Arabic.[citation needed]


Pisarek has published two books:

  1. The English Way of Life (Życie po angielsku),Warsaw, 2005;
  2. Life of the English Upper Classes (Życie wyższych sfer w Anglii), (Warsaw, 2011)[6]

and numerous articles including:

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