Kasongo Lunda

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Kasongo Lunda
Kasongo Lunda is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kasongo Lunda
Kasongo Lunda
Location in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Coordinates: 6°28′42″S 16°49′00″E / 6.478342°S 16.816592°E / -6.478342; 16.816592Coordinates: 6°28′42″S 16°49′00″E / 6.478342°S 16.816592°E / -6.478342; 16.816592
Country Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg Democratic Republic of the Congo
Province Bandundu (province)
District Kwango District
Territory Kasongo Lunda Territory
Population (2012)[1]
 • Total 23,820

Kasongo Lunda is a town and seat of Kasongo Lunda Territory, in Kwango District, Bandundu Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The town lies near the border with Angola to the east, here defined by the Kwango River.[2] As of 2012 the town was estimated to have a population of 23,820.[1]


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