Kasongo Lunda Territory

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Kasongo Lunda
Kasongo Lunda is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kasongo Lunda
Kasongo Lunda
Location in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Coordinates: 6°28′S 16°49′E / 6.467°S 16.817°E / -6.467; 16.817Coordinates: 6°28′S 16°49′E / 6.467°S 16.817°E / -6.467; 16.817
Country Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg Democratic Republic of the Congo
Province Kwango

Kasongo Lunda is a territory in the Democratic Republic of Congo, located in Kwango Province. The capital lies at Kasongo Lunda. It is the second biggest territory in Congo, located near to the border with Angola.[1]


The traditional title for a local ruler was kiamfu or kyambvu. During the colonization of Congo in the 1940s, the Kiamfu's represented the political opposition and resistance against Europeans.[2] The heads of the political hierarchy and apparatus of the Kasongo-Lunda have been often forced to flee the area, mainly to the territories of today's Angola.

The territory is divided into Chiefdoms and Sectors:[3]


Kasongo Lunda has a number of development problems: the road infrastructure is in a bad condition, because of permanent erosion, the lack of money and political will to change the situation. Another major problem is the shortage of drinking water, and electricity. As for education, Kasongo Lunda has a good reputation with the famous jesuit N'temo college, which offers secondary education to about 430 students.[4]

List of rulers of Kasongo-Lunda[edit]

Term Incumbent Notes
c.1700 Foundation of Kasongo Lunda
???? to 1859 Muteeba Kadi
Muteeba Nzuzi
1859 to 1886 Naweesi  
1886 to 1894 Tsiimba Mukuumbi  
1894 to 1902 Lukookisa  
1902 to 1904 Muloombo  
1904 to 1915 Mwaana Koko
Kodi Pwaanga
1st Term
1915 to 1922 Mulumbi Mbisi  
1922 to 1925 Kabeya  
1925 to 1929 Bivula Bangi  
1929 to 1939 Mwaana Koko
Kodi Pwaanga
2nd Term
1939 to 1941 Kambaamba  
1941 to 1945 Mukulu Désiré  
1945 to 19?? Paandzu Pfumukulu  


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