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Drawing of Kastellbakken by the Norwegian painter Christian Krohg from the first Husebyrennet competition in 1879
Location Ullern, Oslo
Opened February 1879
K–point K-20
Hill record 22 m (72 ft)
Norway S. Svalastoga

Kastellbakken (renamed: Husebybakken) is an abandoned ski jumping hill located at Ullern in Oslo, Norway.


Photo from 1923

It was the venue of Husebyrennet, Norway's and the world's most prestigious Nordic skiing tournament between 1879 and 1891. With a K-point of 20 meters, two world records were set in the hill, at 20 and 22 meters.

The hill originally hosted Husebyrennet ("The Huseby Race"), between 1879 and 1891, except for 1880 and 1882, when the event was held in Akershus. From 1892, the tournament moved to Holmenkollbakken and was renamed the Holmenkollen Ski Festival. Two world records were set in the hill, both by Norwegians: 20 meters by Olaf Haugann in 1879 and 22 meters set by Sveinung Svalastoga in 1881.

World record[edit]

Date Ski Jumper Country Meters Yards Feet
12 Feb 1879 Olaf Haugann  Norway 20.0 21.9 66
1881 Sveinung Svalastoga  Norway 22.0 24.1 72

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