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Kate Felus (born 1971) is a designed-landscape historian. She studied at University of Warwick and University of Bristol. Her specialist subject area is the social history of 18th-century gardens and their buildings.

From 1996 to 2001 Kate was Garden Historian at Stowe, the 18th-century landscape garden, where the National Trust is undertaking a massive restoration programme begun in 1990. Her role included being part of the Stowe Restoration Team, providing specialist research to aid with the production of a series of Conservation Plans that addressed the individual character areas within the formal gardens and wider parkland. The historic research directly influenced and guided a programme of archaeological investigations that were critical to ensuring that the restoration of each character area was accurate and appropriate.

She was a trustee of Hestercombe Gardens surrounding Hestercombe House and has also been involved with buildings conservation both at Stowe and as Project Co-ordinator for the National Trust’s first restoration of a Modernist building, the Erno Goldfinger House at 2 Willow Road, Hampstead.

Recent publications on garden conservation have discussed the landscapes of Blenheim Palace,[1] Dunster Castle, Croome Court and Westbury Court.[2] Her doctoral thesis (University of Bristol, 2009) is entitled "Beautiful objects and agreeable retreats: Uses of Garden Buildings in the designed landscape in 18th-century England".

She is the partner of British sculptor Jon Edgar. She has two sons.


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