Kate Klise

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Kate Klise
Born 1963
Peoria, Illinois[1]
Occupation Writer
Nationality American
Education Marquette University[1]
Period 1998–present
Genre Children's literature
Notable works Regarding the Fountain (1998 debut novel); 43 Old Cemetery Road series (from 2009)

Catherine "Kate" Klise (born April 13[1] in 1963) is an American writer known for children's fiction. Many of her books are illustrated by her sister, M. Sarah Klise. Their popular Regarding series is presented in a scrapbook format, with letters, journal entries, and related ephemera telling the story. She is also known for her picture books as well as the bestselling 43 Old Cemetery Road series. Klise's first adult novel, In the Bag, was released in 2012. She is a contributor to The Huffington Post.[2]

Life and Career[edit]

Klise was the fourth of six children born to educational film producer Thomas and Marjorie Klise.[3] Raised in Peoria, Illinois, she attended Marquette University and spent fifteen years working as a correspondent for People magazine.[3][4][5] She lives near Norwood, Missouri (from no later than 2007 apparently)[6] – on "a 40-acre farm in the Missouri Ozarks", she says in 2016.[1] Her Huffington Post blog is subtitled "Writer and hiker".[2]

Klise has identified E. B. White as one influence.[7]


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