Kate Price (musician)

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Kate Price
Born Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Occupation(s) Singer, musician
Instruments Hammered dulcimer
Labels Priceless Productions, Access Music, Higher Octave, Om Town, Narada Productions, LunaVerse Music
Website www.kateprice.com

Kate Price is a hammered dulcimer player and vocalist born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has made recordings on several labels, including Priceless Productions, Access Music, Higher Octave / Om Town, Narada Productions, and LunaVerse Music. Price's music fuses folk music with elements of classical, jazz, and ethnic music, using instruments from around the world.



  • The Kitchen Table Archives (2015)
  • Songs From The Witches Wood (2009)
  • Belaich an' Doran (1991)
  • Dreams of Annwyn (1989)
  • Not Far from here (1987)
  • Hungry Moon (1984)


  • With Kenny Loggins
    • Leap of Faith - Background Vocals
    • Return to Pooh Corner - Background Vocals
    • Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - Background Vocals (The Greatest Hits' Album)
    • December - Performer
  • With Dennis Schaecher
    • Road to Reunion - Vocals
  • Compilation albums
    • Americana Series:Appalachian Aire - Vocals
    • Extraordinaire Americana Collection - Vocals
    • Americana Series - Instrumental
    • A Very Green Christmas - Instrumental
    • Night and Day : Higher Octave - Vocal


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