Katherine Mansfield Birthplace

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Katherine Mansfield Birthplace
Katherine Mansfield Birthplace, New Zealand.jpg
Katherine Mansfield Birthplace in Thorndon, Wellington
General information
Architectural style Italianate
Town or city 25 Tinakori Road, Wellington
Country New Zealand
Coordinates 41°16′13″S 174°46′48″E / 41.270164°S 174.77992°E / -41.270164; 174.77992
Construction started 1887
Cost £400
Client Harold Beauchamp
Design and construction
Architect Unknown
Designated 11-Jul-1986
Reference no. 4428

Katherine Mansfield Birthplace was the home of Katherine Mansfield, New Zealand's most famous author. The building, located in Thorndon, is classified as a "Category I" ("places of 'special or outstanding historical or cultural heritage significance or value'") historic place by Heritage New Zealand. The Birthplace is open to the public, having been restored and furnished by the Katherine Mansfield Birthplace Society Incorporated, which was founded by Oroya Day (art historian), Peter Young (solicitor), and architect James Beard.

The land for the building was originally owned by Charles Clifford, while the building itself was built for Mansfield's father Harold Beauchamp. Katherine Mansfield recreated memories of her childhood home in her short stories The Aloe, Prelude, A Birthday, The Doll’s House, and The Wind Blows. Mansfield described the house as a 'dark little cubby hole'[1] and a 'horrid little piggy house'.[2]


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