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Kathleen O'Neal Gear (born 1954) is an American writer. Gear is a former state historian and archaeologist for Wyoming, Kansas, and Nebraska for the U.S. Department of the Interior. She has twice received the federal government's Special Advancement Award for "outstanding management" of the US nation's cultural heritage. She is perhaps best known for her First North Americans series, co-authored with husband W. Michael Gear.[1]


O'Neal Gear was born in Tulare, California in 1954. She received her B.A., cum laude, from California State University in Bakersfield, and her M.A., summa cum laude, from California State University in Chico. She conducted Ph.D. studies at UCLA and did post-graduate studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel.

She resides in Thermopolis, Wyoming and is married to fellow writer and co-author W. Michael Gear.

Notable works[edit]

People Books – First North Americans (with W. Michael Gear)

  1. People of the Wolf (1990)
  2. People of the Fire (1990)
  3. People of the Earth (1992)
  4. People of the River (1992)
  5. People of the Sea (1993)
  6. People of the Lakes (1994)
  7. People of the Lightning (1995)
  8. People of the Silence (1996)
  9. People of the Mist (1997)
  10. People of the Masks (1998)
  11. People of the Owl (2003)
  12. People of the Raven (2004)
  13. People of the Moon (2005)
  14. People of the Nightland (2007)
  15. People of the Weeping Eye (2008)
  16. People of the Thunder (2009)
  17. People of the Longhouse (2010)
  18. The Dawn Country (2011)
  19. The Broken Land (2012)
  20. People of the Black Sun (2012)
  21. People of the Morning Star (2014)
  22. People of the Songtrail (2015)

Powers of Light

  • An Abyss of Light (1990)
  • Treasure of Light (1990)
  • Redemption of Light (1991)

Black Falcon

  • It Sleeps in Me (2005)
  • It Wakes in Me (2006)
  • It Dreams in Me (2007)

Anasazi Mysteries (with W Michael Gear)

  • The Visitant (1999)
  • The Summoning God (2000)
  • Bone Walker (2001)

Other Novels

  • Sand in the Wind (1990)
  • This Widowed Land (1993)
  • Thin Moon and Cold Mist (1995)
  • Dark Inheritance (2001) (with W Michael Gear)
  • Raising Abel (2002) (with W Michael Gear)
  • The Betrayal. The Lost Life of Jesus. (2008) (with W Michael Gear)
  • Children of the Dawnland (2009) (with W Michael Gear)
  • Copper Falcon (2014)


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