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Kathy Malloch PhD, MBA, RN, FAAN, is a past president and current boardmember of the Arizona Board of Nursing, a nursing scholar, writer, software developer and teacher.


A graduate of Wayne State University, College of Nursing, she received an MBA from Oakland University and a PhD in nursing from the University of Colorado.


Her textbook Quantum Leadership co-authored with Tim Porter-O’Grady received the AJN Book of the Year award in 2005 and Managing Success in Healthcare recently received that honor in 2008. Together with Porter O'Grady she has co-authored six books on healthcare leadership, innovation, and evidence-based practice.

Academic research[edit]

Malloch is a clinical professor with the College of Nursing and Healthcare Innovation at Arizona State University. She is the program director of the Masters in Healthcare Innovation program. Her area of study at Arizona State University is the diffusion of innovations and technology adoption in healthcare.

Software development[edit]

Malloch is the developer of Expert Nurse Estimation Patient Classification System, or ENEPCS, an automated system that measures clinical workload and provides the number of hours and skill mix required to meet patient needs.


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