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Katie Daryl is an American television host, best known for her work on the Hollywood gossip show TMZ.

Katie started her broadcasting career as a part-time radio DJ at the age of 15. While attending Arizona State University, where she was Fiesta Bowl Princess in 1999-2000, she moved her way up the radio chain and worked as a morning show radio producer for KISS-FM in Phoenix, Arizona. When she realized that morning radio meant waking up at 4 am, she moved to New York City where she became a reporter for the MTV political show "Choose or Lose". She then worked in FM radio in Dallas, Texas. Soon thereafter, she found herself sitting next to Mark Cuban as the co-host of "The Mark Cuban Show" for two seasons on UPN and CBS.

Katie joined the Mark Cuban's own HDNet team as host and producer of "True Music" in 2002, and host of "Zippo Hot Tour" in 2005. The Mark Cuban-founded channel re-branded from HDNet to AXS TV on July 2, 2012. Katie currently hosts the network's "Deadline!" and "The World's Greatest Tribute Bands". Katie also works for VH1 as a music expert on a variety of their count-down themed shows.

Personal life[edit]

Katie is married to Amy Adams' brother Eddie.

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