Katolički Školski Centar "Sv.Franjo"

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Catholic School Centre "St. Francis"
Katolički Školski Centar "Sv. Franjo"
Klosterska 10


Bosnia and Herzegovina
School typePublic
MottoSchola Domusque Nostra
Patron saint(s)Saint Francis
PrincipalŽana Altumbabić
HeadmasterVlatko Rosić
Teaching staff100+

KŠC Sv.Franjo is a school founded by the nuns of the Daughters of Divine Love in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The school opened in 1883 under their tutelage. According to records and the testimony, the school's functions were well organized, and the quality of education was very good. After the Communists came to power following the Second World War, such schools were closed and their property confiscated.

KŠC Tuzla was re-established in 1997.

Coordinates: 44°32′12″N 18°40′51″E / 44.5366°N 18.6809°E / 44.5366; 18.6809