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Katrien Verstuyft at the World Cup triathlon in Tiszaújváros, 2011.
Katrien Verstuyft at the European Cup triathlon in Quarteira, 2011.
Katrien Verstuyft after the race in Quarteira, 2011.

Katrien Verstuyft (born 21 July 1982 in Antwerp), is a Belgian professional triathlete, National Champion (Sprint, Olympic Distance, and Team) of the year 2009, and member of the National Team.

Katrien Verstuyft lives in Mortsel and represents the local club ATRIAC.

In 2009, Verstyuft also took part in the French Club Championship Series Lyonnaise des Eaux, representing Charleville Tri Ardennes. At Tours/Tourangeaux (19 July 2009), Paris (30 August 2009) and at the Grand Final in La Baule (27 September 2009) she placed 18th, 14th, and 18th respectively. In 2010, she did not compete in this French circuit though the club still enumerates her among its elite athletes. Tri Ardennes almost exclusively depends on foreign elite stars like Olga Dmitrieva and Emma Moffatt. In 2010 it could nominate only one French female triathlete for only one competition, i.e. Jeanne Collonge at Dunkirk.

ITU Competitions[edit]

In the two years from 2009 to 2010, Verstuyft took part in 11 ITU competitions and achieved 2 top ten positions. In April 2011, Verstuyft placed 11th and 8th at the European Cup triathlons in Antalya and Quarteira respectively.

The following list is based upon the official ITU rankings and the athlete's ITU Profile Page.[1] Unless indicated otherwise the following competitions are triathlons (Olympic Distance) and belong to the Elite category.

Date Competition Place Rank
  2009-07-02   European Championships Holten 25
  2009-10-25   Premium European Cup Alanya 14
  2010-05-23   European Cup Strathclyde 11
  2010-06-05   Dextro Energy World Championship Series Madrid 41
  2010-06-12   Premium European Cup Pontevedra 6
  2010-07-03   European Championships Athlone DNF
  2010-07-10   World Cup Holten 17
  2010-07-17   Dextro Energy World Championship Series Hamburg 33
  2010-08-08   World Cup Tiszaújváros DNF
  2010-10-24   Premium European Cup Alanya 13
  2010-10-24   Premium European Cup Eilat 1
  2011-04-03   European Cup Antalya 11
  2011-04-09   European Cup Quarteira 8
  2011-05-08   World Cup Monterrey 8
  2011-05-29   Premium European Cup Brasschaat 16
  2011-06-04   Dextro Energy World Championship Series Madrid 30
  2011-06-24   European Championships Pontevedra 13
  2011-07-10   World Cup Edmonton 14
  2011-08-06   Dextro Energy World Championship Series London 27
  2011-08-14   World Cup Tiszaújváros 8

DNF = did not finish · DNS = did not start


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