Kauf MICH! (song)

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"Kauf MICH!"
Kauf MICH! (Die Toten Hosen single - cover art).gif
Single by Die Toten Hosen
from the album Kauf MICH!
Released18 April 1994
GenrePunk rock
LabelVirgin Records
Songwriter(s)Andreas Frege
Michael Breitkopf
Hanns Christian Müller
Die Toten Hosen singles chronology
"Alles aus Liebe"
"Kauf MICH!"
"The Return of Alex"

"Kauf MICH!" (Buy ME!) is a song by Die Toten Hosen. It's the fourth single and the seventh track from the album Kauf MICH!. The single cover is designed as a typical washing powder box.

The uniqueness of the song is, that lyrically narrator puts himself "on the market", coinciding with the theme of commercialism.

One of the b-sides, "Der heiße Draht", is based on an idea of people calling and singing DTH songs over the phone. For the single, this was divided in three parts. On the re-release of Kauf MICH!, a best-of from these calls was made.

There is also an English version of the song, titled "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (Buy Me!)", which appeared on Love, Peace & Money.

Music video[edit]

The video was directed by Hans Neleman. It features mostly touring footage.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Kauf MICH!" (Breitkopf/Frege, Müller) – 3:30
  2. "Der heiße Draht (Teil I)" (The hot wire (Part I)) − 6:19
  3. "Hilfe" (Help) (von Holst/Frege) − 3:24
  4. "Der heiße Draht (Teil II)" − 6:15
  5. "I Fought the Law" (Sonny Curtis) − 2:35 (The Crickets cover)
  6. "Der heiße Draht (Teil III)" − 7:25


Year Country Position
1994 Germany 34