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ManufacturerKauffman Motor Vehicle Company

Kauffman Motor Vehicle Company was a pioneer brass era, American automobile company, built in Miamisburg, Ohio, from 1909 until 1912.[1]


The company was begun in 1906[2] as the Kauffman Buggy Company, providing bodies and chassis for Hatfield, located across town. In 1908, as Hatfield ran into financial difficulties,[3] the two firms merged, to form the Advance Motor Vehicle Company.

Under the Advance name, they introduced a four-passenger roadster with a refined version of Hartfield's four-cylinder on a 104 in (2642 mm) wheelbase.[2] The Model C sold for US$1000,[2]

Advance became the Kauffman Motor Car Company in 1911, and folded the next year.[4]


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