Kaulahea I

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Kaulahea I
High Chief of Maui
Consort Kapohauola
Father Kahokuohua
Mother Hikakaiula

Kaulahea I (born ca. 1485) was a Chief in ancient Hawaii, who ruled as the 10th known King of Maui, the sovereign High Chief of the Hawaiian island of Maui. He is known from the ancient legends and chants and was likely a semi-historical person.


During his reign, war did not occur between Maui and any of the other islands. This is a contrast to the disturbance in Kamaloʻohua's reign.

Samuel Kamakau wrote that Kaulahea was born at Kukaniloko Birth Site.[citation needed]


Kaulahea was a son of Kahokuohua, Chief of Molokai and Hikakaiula, the Chiefess. His grandfather was Loe, king of Maui. He followed his grandfather as ruler of Maui.

In one tradition his wife was Princess Kapohanaʻaupuni of Hilo. He fathered Kakae and Kakaalaneo. His sons jointly ruled as kings of Maui.[1]

His name would later be used by his descendant Kaulahea II.

His famous grandson was prince Kaululaʻau.


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