Kazim Jarwali

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Kazim Jarwali
کاظم جاروالی
Kazim Jarwali reciting in Mushaira
Kazim Jarwali reciting in Mushaira
Born (1955-06-15) June 15, 1955 (age 61)
Jarwal, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Poet

Kazim Jarwali (Urdu: کاظم جاروالی‎) (born June 15, 1955) is Indian Urdu language poet.[1] He has written several books of poetry and has received awards for his literary work.


Jarwali was born in Jarwal, Lucknow city. He received his early education in Jarwal. In 1973 he moved to Lucknow for higher education and completed his master's degree in Arab culture from Lucknow University in 1977 and was awarded Gold Medal. He settled in Lucknow and married to daughter of shia scholar of Lucknow Ayatullah Saeedul Millat Abqati, the lineage of abqati family.[2] His father Syed Imtiaz Ali Rizvi was a freedom fighter.

Literary career[edit]

Jarwali began writing poetry in early age. His poetry has been appreciated by fans and writers. He is also known as “Shair-e-Fikr”.[3][4] He has written several collections of Urdu poetry and participated in several mushairas. He has received awards for his literary work.[5]

He has travelled to Hongkong, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates


  • Hussainistan (Urdu salam)
  • Kitab-e-Sang (Urdu Ghazals)
  • Kooche aur Qandeelein (Poetic form of Nahj al-Balagha)
  • Karwaan-e-Gham (Urdu Nauhe)
  • Shaheed-e-Salis ka sanchipt jivan parichay (Hindi Translation of Tazkira-e-Majeed by Allama Sibtul Hassan Hansvi)
  • Ali (Hindi) short history and aqwaal of Hazrat Imam Ali (a.s)

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