Kazimierz Bartoszewicz

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Portrait of Kazimierz Bartoszewicz. Painted by Witold Pruszkowski in 1876.

Kazimierz Bartoszewicz (1852–1930) was a Polish writer and historian. He spent at least part of his life in Kraków.

In his last will he donated his collection to Museum of History and Art in Łódź, which is now named after him.


  • Z wesołych chwil, 1876
  • Trzy dni w Zakopanem, 1890
  • Lukrecjon, 1898
  • Dzieje Insurekcji Kościuszkowskiej, 1908
  • Dzieje Galicji, 1917


Stupidity is sticking on,
Understanding hardly grows itself
to the epidemic disease out.

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