Kazys Morkūnas

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Kazys Morkūnas
Borncirca 1925
DiedJanuary 2014 (age 88)
Resting placeAntakalnio Cemetery
Known forStained glass

Kazys Morkūnas (c. 1925 – 2014) was a Lithuanian stained glass artist. He is considered a master of the form.[1][2]

He was a student of Stasys Ušinskas and along with fellow pupil Algimantas Stoskus they began creating new methods that incorporated thick panels of glass[3] which have been adopted by other artists.[2]

His 1960 work Morning incorporated a special mirror glass and was the first stained glass work to incorporate a nude from folklore.[4] His work was part of the Soviet Pavilions at both the Expo 67 and Expo 70.[5] He created miniature stained glass replicas of the Lithuanian coat of arms (vytis) as souvenirs which were sold after re-establishment of independence in 1990.[6] He created the large pieces Šventė (Feast) (1980s) and Žalgirio mūšis (The Battle of Grunwald) (2010s) that adorn buildings in the Lithuanian Parliamentary complex.[7]

In 1985, Morkunas was awarded the USSR State Prize.[8] In 2000, he was awarded the 4th Grade Order of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas by the Lithuanian President, Valdas Adamkus.[9]

He died in January 2014 at the age of 88 and was buried at Antakalnio cemetery.[10]


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